Sunday, January 1, 2012

About my book

Dog Pound is the third book in the nine-book Janitors Series, even though Jim Scott and the Janitors—with the exception of a cameo appearance—take a vacation in this book as new characters are introduced. Three of these new characters become Janitors in later books of the series. In this book, a famous actress is kidnapped and the race is on to rescue her. All the while, another individual is sailing the Pacific with his dog and is drawn into the situation with the actress through no fault of his own…other than being a good guy. Please see excerpt and two short “Attaboys” below. • When he found Murgatroyd, he also found Billie Jo Lane. She was petting the dog, which had appeared out of nowhere, when the tallish, not totally unattractive man walked up. Steve smiled as he looked at the naked woman who stood up as he approached. He said, “Murggy, you’ve found us a ride home, I hope.” Then, looking into Billie Jo’s beautiful blue eyes (as he tried not to gawk at her very lovely body) he said, “I didn’t see your boat on my way in toward the beach.” Billie Jo’s recent adventure had left her in no mood to be her normal friendly self and she couldn’t pass up the temptation to be sarcastic. “That’s because I don’t have a boat, you dolt.” Only then did Steve notice the chain. He pointed to it and asked, “Would you mind telling me just what your situation is?” “My situation is I’ve been kidnapped and chained to this damned tree. You think this chain is some sort of sexual bondage game?” Trying to control his slowly building anger, Steve bent to a knee, looked at the lock, and calmly replied, “I’ve got some tools back at my raft. I’ll go get ‘em and see if I can’t get you free.” “That’d be nice.” Steve just sighed, muttered “Boy,” and walked off. • “Bottom line: Dog Pound is one hell of a read. Buy it NOW and read it tonight! You’ll be glad you did…PROMISE!” John Rollston, B/Gen. USAF (Ret) • “Dog Pound shows Mike Jackson’s versatility, but maintains his dedication to the Military. Enjoyed the new characters, and glad some will join the ‘Janitors’ in future books. Keep up the good work. Marty Meagher, Staff Sgt., US Army, 1943-1946